A True Tale of Urban Ministry: Walking Out Faith During Transition


This book relates real ministry experiences and the wisdom gleaned from them.  The format is easy to read and the wisdom is provided as a list or principles after each chapter.


“A True Tale of Urban Ministry” is an autobiographical roller coaster chronicling a pastor’s journey from his initial call to ordination and on to appointment and oversight of a church in turmoil and transition.  The author honestly recounts the ups and downs while sharing insights gleaned from his first seven years in ministry. 

Every pastor and church member will experience transition. Change is hard but especially for a church with 70 years of history.  These pivotal times directly impact the spiritual health of each member of the church. As Kevin McClanahan demonstrates, whether the transition is healthy or unhealthy depends on each participant’s choice to respond in a biblical manner to the transition.

The author’s stated goal: “For those on the front lines, it is my intention to encourage the disappointed and defeated to trust in God again.” This is not just a hope: he succeeds. This book is replete with personal stories of success and failure that are engaging and sometimes heartbreaking. The intimate writing style will make readers laugh, cry and celebrate the journey involved in urban ministry.  

The book makes the perfect gift for any one working in God’s vineyard. The reader will come away refreshed and find their passion for ministry reignited. They will also see that they are not alone.